Puzzle Rocker

Here is a little description of my Puzzle Rocker 1

It is a slightly tricky puzzle consisting of 6 pieces that interlock, requiring no fasteners. When properly assembled you cannot shake the chair apart.

The eagle and bugface configurations (and others) are a clever way to store and display the pieces, and are puzzles in their own right. You need two pegs and a wall (or a board, which I can furnish) for this feature to be properly realized.

I have a couple of prototypes left. I thought this would become a production item, but to date I have all the existing original pieces except for a couple, which I gave to family and sold as signed artworks.
There are no partners or other entities involved with ownership or copyright.
I have designed another piece in this line; an airplane shaped one, but I have not made prototypes.
The current prototype is Baltic Birch plywood,
In its rocker configuration it measures 22" tall 15" wide 22" deep.
In its eagle configuration it measures 41" wide 23" tall 3" deep.
It weighs 7 lbs. And fits in a 2" x 23" x 3" box.
For those who prefer there is the pterodactyl head option, otherwise identical to the eagle.

I seek assistance in marketing and further development of this product line, as well as anything else I offer that suits your business. I can produce modest-sized orders with my current facilities if necessary

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