7 Ft. Football, Pro Bowl Event, Dallas, TX

I made two large footballs and tees, with the unflagging assistance of Ken Turetzky, for a ceremony associated with Super Bowl XLV. They were made for Shag Carpet Productions, who coordinated the event, which was held at the Legacy Marriott in Plano.* What made this job memorable for me was the determination to replicate the pigskin texture to scale. I finally settled on the method of carving 1/4 of one football out of foam, and affixing thousands of glass pebbles to the surface. Filler was then applied to eliminate undercuts and reduce the bumpiness to the correct scale. We then produced a mold from this .original.. This mold was used to cast 8 urethane plastic pieces to make the two hollow footballs. Due to a narrow doorway, final assembly was done outdoors between snowstorms. The tees were made of wood, steel, pvc pipe, and foam.

* They still exist, and can be rented from Shag Carpet Productions www.shag-carpet.com

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